Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Dollar

23 Aug 2019  Fri

The United States of America had issued this commemorative dollar to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the discovery of America.

Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer, who is best known for discovering America. His Journey marked as the beginning of the centuries of transatlantic colonization. Between 1492 and 1504, he made a total of four voyages to the Caribbean and South America and has been credited - and blamed - for opening up the Americas to European colonization.

The surcharges from the sale of these coins will be deposit to the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Fund and be available to the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation.

The obverse of this coin depicts the portrait of Christopher Columbus holding a banner in his right hand, a scroll in his left hand, standing next to the globe. On the background of this image displays three sailing vessels. The reverse of this coin depicts Santa Maria and the U.S. Space Shuttle Discovery, with the Earth and a star to the upper right of the shuttle.

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