Frederic Joliot Curie

14 Aug 2019  Wed

Frederic Joliot-Curie was on the one of the greatest French Physicist and chemist, who shares the 1935 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with his wife Irene Joliot Curie. They discovered artificial radioactive isotopes.

Frederic Joliot was born in 1900. After completing school in 1925, he moved to the Radium Institute to work as the assistant to Marie Curie. In 1926, he married her daughter, Irene Curie. He obtained his Doctor of Science degree a few years after the marriage and began studying the structure of the atom with his wife.

Irene Joliot Curie and Fredric Joliot, a wife and husband team awarded the 1935 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for their discovery of new radioactive isotopes prepared artificially. Joliot-Curie was mentioned in Albert Einstein's 1939 letter to President Roosevelt as one of the leading scientists on the course to nuclear chain reactions.

Various postage stamps were issued commemorating him for his contribution; one of them is issued by France Postal Department in 1982. The 1.80 French Franc stamp depicts Irene and Frederic Joliot-Curie, along with a model of an unidentified molecule.

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