Canada's Nanaimo Bar Stamp

09 Aug 2019  Fri

Sweet Treats from Canada Post! Canada Post has released a set of five stamps of the Canadian desserts from across the country next week. The Nanaimo bar – the most famous contribution to the pantheon of sweet treats, has received a stamp.

Our country’s traditional desserts offer more than just a scrumptious way to end a meal – their origins are a tasty part of our history. These stamps give you a chance to discover the sweet stories behind some of our favorite treats.

Designed by Roy White and Liz Wurzinger and illustrated by Mary Ellen Johnson, the stamps feature five delectable desserts butter tarts from Ontario, sugar pie from Quebec, a blueberry grunt from the East Coast, Saskatoon berry pie from the Prairies as well as Nanaimo bars.

The Nanaimo bar, a no-bake dessert bar, is named after the city of Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. A crumb crust of chocolatey coconut is topped with rich, creamy custard and covered with a layer of melted chocolate.

Rich and chocolatey Nanaimo bar has been featured on a rectangular stamp which is inscribed with the name of the country at the top and the name of the desert both in English as well as French.

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