Gold dinar of Guptas fetches a fortune

01 Aug 2019  Thu

Oswal Antiques held an auction in Nanya Darshini 2019 event held in Bengaluru on 26th July 2019. This auction held some of rare and distinguishes specimens. Yet one of the most eyes catching masterpiece of this auction was the Gold dinar of Kumar Gupta was an auction for the amazing price of INR 430,000.

It is a horseman type of gold coin which weight around 8.21g. The obverse of this coin depicts King riding caparisoned horse towards the right with Brahmi legend “Prithvi (Talambarasasi Kumargupto) Jayatyajitah” around it.

The reverse side of this coin illustrates a Nimbate Goddess seated on a stool holding Lotus stalk in the right hand with Brahmi legend ‘ Ajitamahendra’ on the right side. According to the auction house, this coin consists of a deep bold strike, they further elaborate that this coin is about circulated and extremely rare.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques

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