Purple Heart Medal Stamp from USPS

31 Jul 2019  Wed

The design for a non-denominated Purple Heart definitive (regular-issue) forever stamp was unveiled by the USPS recently. The stamps would be released later and details about the same are yet to be revealed. The stamp depicts a Purple Heart medal at the centre with a purple border on the sides. Other texts on the stamp include the words “Purple Heart” and “Forever USA”. The stamp design resembles that of a non-denominated Purple Heart forever stamp that was released in the year 2012. However, this stamp doesn’t have a purple border and the medal is smaller in size too. The Purple Heart Medal is given to U.S. soldiers who are injured or killed during defence operations.

On 12th September, a first-day ceremony would be organised at Huntington Station in New York to release a non-denominated (85¢) commemorative stamp honouring Walt Whitman. Four non-denominated (55¢) definitive forever stamps depicting Winter Berries will be issued in Tulsa, Okla on 17th September.

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Image Courtesy: The USPS

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