First design 1c Indigo stamp

2019-07-26 Fri

Robert A Siegel commenced an auction in 2018, the lot in this auction was from the Richard Drew Collection of 1861-68. This collection consists of beautiful Civil-war and early Reconstruction era stamp. The finest rarity of this collection is the 1c Indigo first design stamp released in 1867.

The onset of the Civil War was the reason for the 1867 issue, the Federal Government was afraid that the Confederacy would use existing supplies of 1851and 1857 stamps to fund their war efforts. Hence, it was decided in 1861 to make all postal issue illegal. This specimen a rare example of C indigo design stamp from which only 22 specimens are known.

This stamp offered by the Siegel Auction is described as ‘intense shade in the unmistakable First Design colour on bright paper, small thin spot at centre barely noticeable’. It is the first type of this stamp who bidding price is starting from 50,000 dollars.

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