stamp collecting

New to stamp collecting? Welcome! Doesn’t matter if your collection is big or small, you are a pro or a beginner, this hobby will always give you a reason to smile! Still contemplating if you want to jump into it completely? Take a look at some reasons why you should do it right away!

stamp collecting

Simply for joy

As they say, some things in life don’t necessarily need a solid reason behind it. People engage themselves in all sorts of pastimes, stamp collecting is one of them. If you were to pick up one particular reason, it could be just plain “joy”. The entire process of searching for your favourite stamps, exchanging stamps is very exciting indeed. People feel accomplished when they are able to find stamps they have been looking for since a very long time.  It could be a rare stamp or something that fits perfectly into the theme of stamps that they have been collecting. People experience a different kind of a high when friends, family members and other collectors appreciate their collection. Some love collecting stamps because they are attracted to the different pictures that are depicted on them.


Interesting way to learn new things!

Children are always encouraged to collect stamps as they get an opportunity to read up information about different countries, traditions, cultures, famous personalities, history, events, scientific inventions and more. Bookish knowledge is always boring and stamp collecting is a refreshing new way to learn new things. People who are engaged in collecting stamps are always curious by nature and are open to understanding new ideas or concepts.


Affordable and Easy

Stamp collecting is not only simple but also is affordable as well. All you have to do is hit the nearest post office and check out the latest stamps that are out. Apart from that, you don’t need high-end tools or technology to pursue this lovely hobby. Stamps can be neatly and safely collected in albums and will not take up much space, unlike other collectables for example antiques or anything like that.


Connect with a new world

The urge of collecting stamps makes you feel like connecting with people from around the world. With the advent of technology and the boom of the web world, people can stay in touch with each other with merely a few clicks. By constantly being in touch with people from different countries you can make several pen friends, exchange information and gain in-depth knowledge about different cultures around the world. So basically, in the process of collecting stamps, you are making new friends. Many collectors also have friends and relatives who are living abroad. Their hobby helps to keep in touch with them on a regular basis.


Continue a legacy

Many-a-times stamps are collected and passed on to the next generation. They treasure it like any other priced possession of theirs. They do not want to break the chain and want to continue a tradition that has been set by their earlier generations. Collections keep on growing and members of the family take pride in showcasing them to their friends and relatives.


Make new friends who share your interests

There are almost 20+ million stamp collectors worldwide. When someone is pursuing stamp collecting passionately, he or she tries to attend seminars, interact with other collectors around the world and grow their network. This way, you are also making a lot of new friends and discussing subjects of your interest. You get to expand your horizons and get a new point of view about topics and subjects that you like reading about.


Novel way to follow interests and passions

Fans of certain personalities like collecting stamps featuring their idols. They create interesting first day covers during special events like birthdays or anniversaries. They look forward eagerly to attain a new stamp that excites them and keep themselves updated regularly.  For example, someone who is interested in music might want to collect stamps featuring famous musicians or musical instrument.


Lucrative investment

Besides the fun aspect of this wonderful hobby, there is a monetary angle to it as well. Some rare stamps have a great market value. A stamp that you own now might fetch you a lot of money a few years down the line. That’s the reason why people look at stamp collecting as an investment.


Emotional attachment

Stamps are generally collected by children. Many grow up and do not find ample time to continue their hobby. But never the less, they are emotionally attached to their stamp collection. Many fond childhood memories are associated with this hobby, of how you interacted with other stamp collectors, how you tried your best to find a particular stamp etc. Almost like looking at pictures of your own childhood photos, when you go back and open your old stamp collection, a sweet smile will automatically lighten up your face.


Inculcates orderliness

Stamp collecting inculcates the values of orderliness and a sense of responsibility. Children who pursue this hobby are very particular about how their stamps are displayed. Stamps of the same themes or countries are kept together in albums. This induces the element of discipline as well from a very early stage in life.


De-stress factor

Stress has been the reason for major modern-day illnesses. Indulging in stamp collecting in an interesting way to unwind and relax. Collectors spend a lot of time gazing at their collection. Besides that, it requires a lot of patience to find stamps of your liking and choice. It keeps your mind active and is beneficial when you are in your old age. The hobby will help you get wiser with age! It also helps you stay away from boredom as you are always reading up articles about the depictions on your stamps or are looking at ways to enhance your collection.


Hope you are not contemplating anymore! Take a deep breath and plunge into this fascinating hobby now, Mintage World is here to hold your hand!


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  1. It’s great that you pointed out how a stamp that you own now might fetch you a lot of money a few years down the line. Stamps are pretty fascinating and I am thinking of starting a stamp collection. With that in mind, I am thinking of visiting a stamp collection store.

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