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Coins are not just pieces of metals used in exchange for goods and services they are a wonderfully useful tool in the archaeologist’s and historian’s toolbox as they instantly provide information for trade, economy, mythology, rulers, military, important events, etc. They are a very authentic source for building up and writing histories. The science that studies these coins is called as Numismatics and those who study or collect coins are called as Numismatists. Interestingly coin collection is one of the foremost celebrated hobbies in the world. And we are sure many of you too have a collection or aspire to start collecting. But are you still struggling with the numismatic terms like Proof? UNC? Reverse Proof? Do you get lost in all these technical numismatic terms? Worry not…We are here to help you with that. So today let’s familiarize ourselves with some basic Numismatic terminology. Continue reading NUMISMATIC TERMINOLOGY