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Myriad Saris on Stamps

“The Joy of dressing is an art”-John Galliano! Half a century ago, an individual’s caste, creed and geographical location could be traced through his attire. For people around the world, clothes are not just basic need but it’s a way to express their culture and ethnicity. Globally, Fashion is the most popular mode of expression. The most fascinated spectrum of fashion is women’s clothing. The sari in Indian Couture are numerous, they are fashioned differently by different women from every segment of Indian society. To mark this phenomenal development in the traditional and cultural quote of Indian culture India issued a series of stamps depicting Myriad Saris on Stamps. Continue reading Vibrant Indian fashion: Myriad Saris on Stamps


The Revolt of 1857 ended the East India Company rule and the Queen assumed authority over the India. For the next 90 years the British Government ruled about 60% of India directly and the other 40% indirectly through native princes who followed British policies. During this time India went through many changes that were not just political and administrative but also witnessed changing economy and society.


Following the shifting of power from Company to British Government, a new series of coins were issued. From 1862 till Indian independence in 1947, coins were minted under the direct authority of the Crown. The British Indian coins were minted in Gold, Silver and Copper with different obverse and reverse die varieties which are helpful in their identification. The most peculiar feature of the British coinage is that they issued coins in two systems i.e. Fractional System and Decimal System.

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