M.F. Hussain (17th September, 1915) | Birth of a Painter

One of the most successful and famous painters in the world, M.F. Hussain was a bold and reputedly eccentric man whose fierce personality reflected in his art.

Rusted Post Box traces this great painter’s struggle to success, through various philatelic issues. He is still today remembered as the precursor in those leagues of Asian artists, who broke away from tradition and established an eclectic style of his own.

Rusted Post Box is a series of docudramas that relates various stamps, coins and notes to significant historic events. With the help of the newly established online museum, www.mintageworld.com, this series aims at imparting knowledge and creating interest in the areas of Philately, Numismatics and Notaphily within the general public, collectors, students and scholars alike.

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