Death Anniversary of James Chadwick

2019-07-24 Wed

James Chadwick was English Physicist who received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1935 for the discovery of Neutron. Today, on this day in the year 1974 he died.

James Chadwick was born in Bollington, Cheshire, in 1891 to Joseph Chadwick and Anne Mary Knowles. He attended Manchester High School prior to entering Manchester University in 1908. Later, he graduated from the Honours School of Physics in 1911 and spent the next two years under Professor Rutherford in the Physical Laboratory in Manchester, where he worked on various radioactivity problems, gaining his M.Sc. degree in 1913.

When World War I broke out, he was in Berlin, Germany with fellow scientists and became a POW (Prisoner Of War) at the Ruhleben Internment Camp near Berlin. In 1941, he wrote the final draft of the MAUD Report, which inspired the U.S. government to begin serious atomic bomb research efforts. He was the head of the British team that worked on the Manhattan Project during the Second World War. He was knighted in Britain in 1945 for his achievements in physics.

Various postage stamps were issued commemorating him for his contribution, one of them is issued by Gabon Postal Department in 1995.

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