2019-07-24 Wed

Elichpur is also known as Achalpur or Illychpur, it is a city situated in the Amravati district in the Indian states of Maharashtra. It is the second-most populous city in Amravati district and seventh most populous city in Vidarbha.

During the medieval period, in the year 1269 CE; Alauddin Khalji attack Devgiri and moved to grab his control over Ellichpur. During that time Ellichpur was under the control of the king of Devgiri, Raja Ramchandra Dev. After getting defeated by Alauddin Khalji, Raja Ramchandra signed a treaty to give annual income of Elichpur provinces to Khilji. But, later Raja Ramchandra stopped sending the taxes, in the year 1307 CE, Alauddin Khalji again attack Devgiri and got his control over it. But, after the emergence of the Mughal Empire, Elichpur came into the hands of the Mughal Empire.

This silver rupee was issued by Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah form the mint Elichpur.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction