Apollo Program

2019-07-22 Mon

The Apollo Program is also known as Project Apollo, it was the United States human spaceflight program carried out by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) which has resulted in American astronauts' making a total of 11 spaceflights and walking on the moon. NASA was successful in landing first human on the moon from 1969 to 1972. The first Apollo flight happened in 1968. The first moon landing took place in 1969. The last moon landing was in 1972. There were a total of 12 astronauts who had to send on this mission, all the astronauts had carried out scientific research there and also studied the lunar surface. The astronauts also collected moon rocks to bring back on earth.

In the year 2019, the United Nation had issued a commemorative coin in recognition of the 50th anniversary of the first man landing on the moon. The coin issued was authorized by the Public Law 114-282 which calls for the production of a curved $5 gold coin, curved $1 silver coins, curved half-dollar clad coins, and a curved 5-ounce $1 silver Proof coin.

Needless to mention that today, on 22nd July India is launching her 2nd unmanned mission to South Pole of the moon. This is going to be the first mission that far on the moon.

Image Courtesy: usmint.gov