New Finnish Stamps Dedicated to Calligraphy

2019-07-19 Fri

On 8th May, Finland released a booklet of five non-denominated domestic-rate stamps dedicated to the art of handwriting, calligraphy. A competition was organised for members of the Finnish Calligraphy Society based on the theme “A Touching Letter” to finalise the stamp designs. Liris Lyra, Marja-Liisa Neuvonen, Maarit Ali-Marttila-Olkkola and Taru Tarvainen were declared as winners in this competition. The calligraphic art on these stamps features interesting messages that are used in letter writing. One of the designs created by Neuvonen reads “Mukava Saada Postia,” which means “Nice to receive mail” in English.

Another stamp was released on the same day depicting a handwritten letter along with a pink rose. The stamp belongs to a booklet of six, titled Say It with Flowers. A photographer and postcard artist named Anna and Mari West designed the stamps. She chose subjects that would be appropriate for different kinds of greetings.

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