The Byzantine emperor Alexios III Angelos

17 Jul 2019  Wed

Alexius III Angelus was Emperor of Byzantine reigning from 1195 to 1203 AD. In 1195 he was proclaimed Emperor by the troops, after deposing, blinding, and imprisoning his younger brother Isaac II Angelos.

Alexius III was a weak and greedy emperor, and his coup had disastrous results. The most significant event of his reign was the attack of the Fourth Crusade in Constantinople in 1203. On 17th July, Alexios III fled the capital with what treasure he could collect and escaped to Thrace.

The above shown Aspron Trachy issued under his reign from Constantinople mint. The obverse of a coin depicts the full-length figure of Christ Pantocrator seated facing on backless throne, raising a right hand in benediction and holding a book of Gospels on the lap, flanked by two large stars, barred IC - XC across fields. The reverse of a coin has Alexius and St. Constantine standing facing, each holding cruciform scepter in the outer arm, holding labarum between them.

Image Source: Heritage Auctions

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