Sikandar Shah Lodi crowned Sultan of Delhi

17 Jul 2019  Wed

Today on this in the year 1489, Sikandar Shah Lodi, the second ruler of the Lodi dynasty, sat on the throne. He is regarded as the ablest, the greatest and the most successful Sultan of the Lodi dynasty.

Sikandar was a capable ruler who encouraged trade across his region. He expands Lodi territory into the regions of Gwalior and Bihar. In 1503, he commissioned the building of the present-day city of Agra. Agra was founded by him. He ruled the Sultanate till 1517 AD.

Sikander Shah issued coins in gold, silver and billion. His gold and silver coins are very rare. The billon coins which he had issued contain the only 5% of silver in it. During the beginning of his reign the weight of the billon coins was standard, but during the later year of his reign the weight of coins became irregular.

The above shown gold Tanka was issued under his reign. The obverse of this coin read as “Al-Mutawakkil Ala Al-Rahman Sikandar Shah Bahlul Shah Sultan” and the reverse of this coin reads as “Fi Zaman Amir Al-Muminin Khulidat Khilafatuhu” with the date 919 at the bottom.

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