U Tirot Sing Day

2019-07-17 Wed

U Tirot Sing Day is a state Holiday in Meghalaya which celebrates the death anniversary U Tirot Sing – one of the chiefs of the Khasi people in the early 19th century, who died on i7th July 2835.

Tirot Sing is a descendant of the Syiemlieh clan. He was a Syiem (chief) of Nongkhlaw, part of the Khasi Hills. He was a constitutional head sharing corporate authority with his Council, general representatives of the leading clans within his territory. Tirot Sing declared war and fought against British attempts to take over control of the Khasi Hills.

He clashed with British Officer David who violated the treaty signed in 1828 that concerned his people and land. This clash continued for a couple of years with Tiro Sing not budging without confirmation from the British about the earlier treaty.

The British did not pay any heed,[6] and the Khasis attacked the British garrison in Nongkhlaw on 4 April 1829. His men killed two British officers, and thus unleashed the fury of British retaliation. Tirot Sing fought with native weapons such as a sword and shield. He was shot at by the British and had to hide in a cave.

He was eventually captured by the British in January 1833 and deported to Dhaka. He died on 17 July 1835. In his remembrance, His death anniversary is commemorated every year as a state holiday in Meghalaya. A 60 paise commemorative stamp was issued by India Post in the year 1888. The stamp depicts the portrait of U Tiro Singh in traditional Khasi attire.

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