Follis of Theophilus

16 Jul 2019  Tue

Theophilus was the Byzantine Emperor reigning from 829 until his death in 842 AD. He was the second Emperor of the Amorian dynasty.

The son of Michael II, Theophilus was liberally educated by the Byzantine scholar and ardent Iconoclast John Philoponus. Michael II crowned Theophilos co-emperor in 822, shortly after his own accession. Theophilos personally led the armies in his lifelong war against the Arabs, beginning in 831.

Theophilus also restored the University of Constantinople after its 8th-century decline and appointed the brilliant Byzantine teacher Leo the Mathematician as its new rector.

The above shown Follis of a new type was minted in large quantities in celebration of Theophilos' victories against the Arabs. On the obverse he is represented in triumphal attire, wearing the toupha, and on the reverse the traditional acclamation "Theophilos Augustus, you conquer” is inscribed.

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