Birth Anniversary of K. Kamaraj

15 Jul 2019  Mon

Kumaraswai Kamaraj Nadar, the most powerful Indian Politician, activist, and statesman who played an important role in Indian politics was born on 15th July, 1903. He is widely known as Kingmaker during the 1960's.

Kamaraj was born in what is now southern Tamil Nadu to a family of Nadar cast. His father Kumarasamy was a merchant. At a very early age he dropped out of school and began working to support his mother.

Early in his career as a political activist, he participated in many events as a part of the Non Violent Movement. For which he suffered imprisonment many times. In 1954 he became the Chief Mister of Madras Province. As the chief minister of Madras, he was responsible for bringing free education to the disadvantaged and introduced the free Midday Meal Scheme.

He proclaimed with the title of ‘Kalvi Thanthai’ or Father of Education in Tamil Nadu. In 1976 he was posthumously awarded India’s highest civilian honor, Bharat Ratna. In 1976 India Postal Department has issued 25 Paise commemorative postage stamp to remember him.

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