Macaroni Penguins on Latest Pobjoy Mint Coins

15 Jul 2019  Mon

Pobjoy Mint released the fifth and final coin from its special coin set of the year that’s dedicated to different species of penguins. The reverse side of the final coin depicts a male and female Macaroni penguin in colour while the obverse side shows an Effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, designed exclusively by Pobjoy Mint.

The Diamond Finish Commemorative Coin is issued for the British Antarctic Territory and for the first time it depicts a Die Mark. The Coloured Cupro Nickel coin has a face value of 50 pence. The 8 grams coin has a diameter of 27.3 millimetres and a mintage limit of 4,000. This coin is packed in a capsule which is then placed inside a blue pouch. The pouch will not be provided if the coin is bought with the Five Coin Set Album which is sold separately. The die mark will be randomly applied and is not guaranteed.

The Macaroni Penguin is known for its bright red eyes and thick orange beak with a fleshy pink area on both sides. It has a yellow crest and sheds its features once annually. A Macaroni Penguin can grow up to 70cm in height. Their weight may keep varying depending on the month and gender. Experts believe that 18 million such penguins exist today. The numbers have reduced tremendously in the last few years due to various reasons. Macaroni Penguin is a social animal that's evident from its nesting and behaviour.

Image Courtesy: The Pobjoy Mint

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