New French Coins with Blue Resin Application Celebrates Apollo 11 Mission

2019-07-10 Wed

Monnaie de Paris of France issued three special commemorative coins to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 mission. Blue resin is embedded in the perforated part of the 10 € Silver BE coin and a source of light kept behind this blue surface. This unique application tries to recreate the expansive nature of our Universe and stars. Each piece is unique because the application of resin is different for every coin.

The larger diameter of the 50 € 5oz Silver BE coin highlights the surface of the Moon. Blue resin is embedded to symbolise the expansive universe while the stars are engraved in the background in metal. Each piece artistically handcrafted with a resin deposit.

Mirror Polish is applied to the stars shown on the 50 € 1 / 4oz Gold BE coin’s obverse side. The view of the Earth and the Universe is recreated by polishing certain areas. Blue resin is embedded with hand on the 200 € 1oz Gold BE coin as well. Mild colours were chosen to achieve a perfect combination of metal and resin.

The common reverse design for all three coins represents the view from Earth. Other inscriptions on the reverse include the texts “1969-2019”, “50 years of the First Man on the Moon” and denomination.

Image Courtesy: Monnaie de Paris