Gujarat under Mughal Empire

2019-07-09 Tue

In the year 1573; state Gujarat was captured by Mughal Emperor Akbar by defeating Gujarat Sultanate Muzaffar Shah III. Later; in the year 1584 Muzaffar Shah III had tried to regain his control over Gujarat but failed. After gaining the control over Gujarat Akbar appointed is foster brother Mirza Aziz Kokaltash as the viceroy Gujarat; Mirza Aziz Kokaltash had played a vital role in strengthening the hold of Mughal’s over Gujarat. The nobles of former sultanate had tried to resist and rebel over Gujarat again and again but Mirza Aziz Kokaltash and his successor viceroys subdued them.

Mughal Emperor Jahangir had permitted the British East India Company to establish factories in Surat and elsewhere in Gujarat. Emperor Shah Jahan had expanded his territories in the south and his viceroys made hold over Kathiawar peninsula including Nawanagar.

This gold mohur was issued by Mughal Emperor Jahangir from the mint Ahmedabad during the 13th year of his reign. The obverse of this coin depicts a crab and a sun, a star visible on the body of a crab with the regnal year. The reverse of this coin is inscribed as ‘Ra Dad Zewar Jahangir Shah Shahenshah Akbar and Hijri Date 1027’.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction