Improved Security Features for Latest Banknotes of Philippines

2019-07-09 Tue

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) is going to introduce improved security features for the latest set of banknotes in 2020. The new set features the name and signature of BSP Governor Benjamin Diokno. The measure has been taken to curb counterfeiting activities.

A new windowed security thread will be introduced with a unique colour and design for each denomination. Anti-copying and anti-scanning features for upgraded security and tactile features for the visually impaired will also be included. Intaglio printing technology has been used to produce the new generation banknotes, using which the names and signatures get a raised and embossed feel. Embossed prints, asymmetric serial numbers, security fibres, watermark, see-through mark and concealed value are the security features that are already included in the latest notes.

New P20, P50, P100, P200, P500 and P1,000 banknotes were recently released with the governor’s name and signature under “New Generation Currency” series. This set marks the anniversary of the BSP and celebrates 70 years of central banking in the Philippines.

Image courtesy: The BSP