Theodosius III of the Byzantine Emperor

2019-07-08 Mon

Theodosius III was Byzantine Emperor from 715 to 717. He was an obscure tax collector of southwestern Asia Minor who chosen as emperor by the troops of the Opsikion theme rebelling against Abastasius II.

Little is known of Theodosius' short reign. He immediately faced an Arab invasion deep into Anatolia and the advance of the Arab fleet. In 717 AD, Leo III rebelled against Theodosius' rule and captured his son in Nicomedia, so Theodosius chose to resign the throne.

During the reign, he issued various coins in the denomination of Solidus, Tremissis, Hexagram, and Follis. These coins were issued from mints such as Constantinople, Syracuse, and Rome.

The above shown gold Solidus was issued under his reign from Constantinople mint. The obverse of a coin depicted the crowned facing bust of Theodosius, wearing loris, holding globus cruciger in the right hand and akakia in left. On the other hand, the reverse of a coin has cross potent set on three steps.

Image Source: Heritage Auctions