Danube River paintings illustrated on stamps

2019-07-08 Mon

Romfilatelia issued a set of four stamps to celebrate Danube Day on 29th June. A convention for the protection of the Danube River was signed on 29th June in 1994 by Romania along with Danubian countries and European Commission in Sofia. Since International Danube Day has been the theme of beautiful landscape paintings. This year’s Romania has issued stamps depicting the Marvel landscape painting of Danube River.

The stamp of value Lei 2.80 depicts the painting of Danube Reaching the Cauldrons Area, its oil on plywood painted by Marius Bunescu. The painting Landscape on the Danube oil on Cardboard was created by Petre Lorgulescu Yor seen on the stamp of value Lei 5.00. The Danube at Turtucia oil on canvas is credited to G.Petrascu, it is printed on the stamp of face value Lei 8.50. The last stamp of face value Lei 12.00 depicts the painting of Losif Iser.

These stamps are one of the most beautiful treasures for collectors with the theme of landscape collection.

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Image Courtesy: findyourstampvalue