Princely State Rampur

2019-07-04 Thu

Rampur was a Princely State during British rule in India; it came into the existence on 7th October 1774 as a result of the treaty of Oudh. After the Independence, this state Rampur along with the other princely State of that area such as Benares and Tehri-Garhwal were merged into the United Provinces. State Rampur was the last Princely State ruled by Muslims in the colonial the United Provinces.

State Rampur was founded by Nawab Ali Muhammad Khan, the adopted son and the successor of Sardar Daud Khan, the chief of Rohillas in Northern India. In the year 1737, he received everything from Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah, but later, eventually, he lost the entire thing in a contest with Nawab Wazir of Oudh in the year 1746 CE.

This copper paisa which weighs around 8.50 was issued from Princely State Rampur.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction