Independent Kingdom Mysore

2019-06-28 Fri

The Kingdom of Mysore is situated in the southern part of India; the history of this kingdom is very rich and glorious. This kingdom was ruled by different dynasties at a different time. The founder of this kingdom was Yaduraya Wodeyar; he founded this kingdom in the year 1399 CE. The Wodeyar dynasty was the ruling dynasty who ruled this kingdom till 1947 CE; later Mysore was merged with Union of India. The last ruler of this kingdom was Tipu Sultan.

The kingdom of Mysore was the vessel of the Vijaynagar Empire from 1399 CE till 1565 CE. Later; after the decline of the Vijayanagar Empire, they became independent ruler and ruled Mysore independently from 1565 CE till 1761 CE. The actual power of this kingdom was Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan. Tipu Sultan was one of the most powerful rulers of Mysore; he fought very bravely with the British’s and even defeated them in the Second Mysore war. In the year 1799; in the Fourth, Mysore War Tipu Sultan was defeated and killed by British’s.

After the death of Tipu Sultan, British’s took control over the Kingdom of Mysore and placed Krishnaraja Wodeyar three, a minor, on the throne of the Kingdom of Mysore. In this way, the kingdom of Mysore became Princely State under British rule.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction