Sunthorn Phu Day of Thailand

2019-06-26 Wed

Observed on 26th June annually, Sunthorn Phu Day is a national Holiday of Thailand commemorating the birth of Sunthorn Phu - the man often called “the Shakespeare of Siam”.

Sunthorn Phu was a famous royal poet of the kingdom of Thailand during the times of King Rama II. However, when King Rama II died Phu became a monk and returned twenty years later in the courts of Rama III. He stayed in the court of Rama III as a scribe and composed his most famous works including Nirat Phukaothong, Nirat Suphan, Phra Aphai Mani saga and many more.

Known as the People’s Poet of Thailand, UNESCO officially recognized him in 1986 on the bicentennial of his birth, Critics have likened him to Shakespeare and Chaucer in the range, quality, and national importance of his works. A festival is held each year on June 26 at Sunthorn Phu Memorial Park.

Known as Shakespeare and Chaucer of Thailand, Phu was honored numerously in the country especially by the postal office with the issuing of a number of stamps. The stamp shown above was issued in the year 2004. Printed on granite paper, this stamp was issued with the denomination of 3-baht. The stamp depicts several characters from Sunthorn Phu’s Phra Abhai Mani.

Image Courtesy: https://stampaday.files.wordpress.com

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