Nawab of Bengal

26 Jun 2019  Wed

The Nawab of Bengal is considered as the rulers of the provinces of Bengal and Orissa. They have served Bengal from 1717 CE till 1772 CE. The Nawab of Bengal is considered as the subordinates of the Mughal Empire. Siraj-ud-Daula is considered as the last Independent ruler of Bengal who was betrayed by Mir Jafar in the Battle of Plassey. Later; Mir Jafar established his political power in Bengal.

In the year 1765 when the dual system was introduced under which Nawab was ruling on the behalf of British; during this time the Nawab were the puppets of British’s. Later; in the year 1772 this system was completely abolished and Bengal was brought completely under the control of the British's. In the year 1793, the Nizamat (governorship) of Nawab was taken away from them by the British government and the Nawabs just remained as pensioners to British East India Company.

This silver rupee was issued by Nawab of Bengal in the name of Mughal Emperor Alamgir II. He issued this silver rupee in the Hijri year 1171 during the 5th year of his reign. The weight of this silver rupee is around 11.4g and it was minted in Azimabad.

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