Singapore Israel Joint Issue

25 Jun 2019  Tue

SingPost, in collaboration with Israel Post, today jointly released a stamp issue to commemorate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Singapore and Israel.

The stamps were unveiled on 8th May 2019 by SingPost Chief Executive Officer for Postal Services and Singapore, Mr. Vincent Phang, and Director of the Israel Philatelic Service, Mr. Elhanan Shapira. The joint stamp issue features flowers and birds native to both countries, symbolizing the shared values and friendship between the two young nations.

Featured on the Singapore stamp are flowers that are commonly found across Singapore’s streets and parks, including the Pigeon Orchid, Dancing Ladies, Bougainvillea and Malayan Ixora. The design is a nod to Singapore’s unique reputation as a garden city.

Likewise, the Israel stamp features several species of flowers found in Israel including the Anemone, Cyclamen, Senecio and the Narcissus. These colorful flowers are synonymous with Israel’s landscape at different times of the year.

Both stamps also feature a species of bird associated with each state. Singapore is represented by the Crimson Sunbird, a small and active bird with a red plumage found on the male species. Israel’s national bird, the Hoopoe, is featured facing the Sunbird on both stamps.

The beautifully designed stamps are a reflection of how both of our countries celebrate the diversity found within each nation and being able to flourish internationally despite our small sizes, as embodied by the birds depicted in the stamps.

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