France's 2019 Europa Stamp

2019-06-25 Tue

EUROPA stamps are special stamps issued by European postal administrations. EUROPA stamps underline cooperation in the posts domain, taking into account the promotion of philately. They also build awareness of the common roots, culture, and history of Europe and its common goals. The theme of 2019 was “National Birds".

On the theme of “National Birds”, la Poste or the Postal System of France has issued a very unique stamp depicting swallows which are small birds with dark, glossy-blue backs, red throats, pale underparts, and long tail. The 2019 Europa stamp of France issued a stamp depicting the swallows birds.

The stamp depicts the birds in a tricolor composition, evocative of the French flag. She chose to symbolize the sunshine sparkles in spring and beginning of summer, and the flights full of life and energy of the swallows, through a graphic style inspired by origami.

The stamp comes with the denomination of 1.30 Euros and was designed by a Japanese artist Tatsuya Oka. The stamp depicts the birds in the center with the name of the country and the denomination value at the top left where as the theme “Oiseaux de no Regions” and the name of the artist at the bottom right corner along with the logo of Europa at the bottom right corner.

Image Courtesy: https://1.bp.blogspot.com

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