Independent Kingdoms - Farrukhabad

2019-06-25 Tue

Farrukhabad is city situated in the Indian States of Uttar Pradesh. The City is named after reigning Mughal Emperor Farrukhsiyar.

The Nawab of Farrukhabad was the Pathan mercenaries who came to India in the late 17th century and got settled in Mau-Rashidabad in the Doab region of North India. The founder of Nawab of Farrukhabad was Muhammad Khan Bangash, the founded this in the year 1715 CE. Muhammad Khan Bangash was ‘Bawan Hazari Sardar’ (Commander of 52000 Men Strong force) in the Mughal Army. He had also appointed as a governor of Malwa and Allahabad under provinces of Mughal Empire. He was also viceroy of Assam from 1735-1743.

This Silver rupee which weighs around 11.2g was issued by Nawab Ahmed Khan Bangash in the name of Mughal Emperor Alamgir II. He issued this coin in the Hijri Year 1172 during the 5th year of his reign. Nawab Ahmed Khan Bangash played an important role in the third Battle of Panipat which was fought in the year 1761 CE. He fought this battle along with Ahmed Shah Abdali and had defeated Maratha.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction