Independent Kingdom of Tripura

2019-06-22 Sat

Tripura is an Indian state situated in the north-eastern part of the Indian subcontinent; it is the third smallest state of India. Tripura shares its border from the north, west, and south with Bangladesh, from the east with Mizoram and from the northeast with the state of Assam.

Tripura has a long history; during the medieval period, the kingdom of Tripura was at its peak which includes an eastern region of Bengal from the Brahmaputra River in the north and west, the Bay of Bengal in the south and Burma to the east. The kingdom of Tripura was ruled by Manikya Dynasty till 13th August 1947, later it was in the subsidiary alliance, from which it was released by the Indian Independence Act 1947.

The term Manikya is derived from Sanskrit word Mani meaning jewel. The first ruler of this dynasty was Maharaja Maha Manikya, who sat on the throne of Tripura in the year 1400 CE.

This silver tanka which weighs around 10.3g was issued by Manikya dynasty ruler Govinda Manikya in the name of his wife Gunavati Mahadevi in the Saka Era 1582. The obverse of this coin depicts a lion facing towards the left. The reverse of this coin is inscribed Si Vah with the lingam in the centre; Sri Sri Yuta Go/vinda Manikya/ Deva Sri Gunava/ti Maha Devyau.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction