South Africa to Release New R2 and R5 Coins

2019-06-20 Thu

South Africa is going to release a set of five 2-Rands coins and a 5-Rands coin to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the country’s democratic constitution. Designed by Artist Neo Mahlangu, the first R2 coin highlights the aspect of 'Children's Rights' and will be released this month. Digital artwork was combined with charcoal art to create this design. It tries to depict equal protection of every child’s civil rights and freedom in South Africa.

The second R2 coin highlighting 'Right to education' is designed by Mahlangu too and will be released this month as well. It tries to depict the different phases of education from pre-school to tertiary qualifications using elements such as basic building block, an open book and a graduation cap.

The third R2 coin symbolising 'Environmental rights' is designed by an artist named Maaike Bakker who was born in Pretoria and will be released in July. The coin depicts various elements of our environment such as a droplet, grass, a fish etc. Environmental rights give South Africans access to unspoiled natural resources like water, food and air for survival.

The fourth R2 coin denoting 'Freedom of movement and Residence' is designed by artist Rasty Knayles and will be released in July. It shows a weaver bird holding a key along with other elements such as a minibus taxi and an aeroplane. The design symbolises that South Africans have the right to travel and choose where to live, putting behind the country’s dark history of discrimination.

The fifth R2 coin highlighting 'Freedom of religion, belief and opinion' is designed by artist Peter Mammes and will be released in August. The symbol of religion is depicted in sign language.

The R5 coin symbolising 'Let us live and strive for freedom' is designed by Lady Skollie and will be released in August. The coin shows the popular image of the first voting process of South Africa that took place in 1994.

Image Courtesy: South African Mint