Laxmanrao Kirloskar

2019-06-20 Thu

Laxmanrao Kashinath Kirloskar, the legendary Indian entrepreneur who founded the Kirloskar Group was born on today on 20th June 1869.

He was born in a village called Gurlahosur situated in Belgaum district of the erstwhile Bombay Presidency into a Maharashtrian Brahmin family. In 1888 he set up a small bicycle repair shop at Belgaum, and here the journey of Kirloskar group begun.

Later, the Municipality of Belgaum ordered Laxmanrao to vacate their place to make room for a new suburb. He struggled to find a suitable place, until; the Raja of Aundh offered him a place and a loan of ten thousand rupees. Laxmanrao started his factory in an arid wasteland by the side of a remote railway station, named Kundal Road. This factory later blossomed into the famous Kirloskar Industries and the station came to be called Kirloskarvadi.

Kirloskar Industries are among the leading industrial enterprises in India. They have been responsible for transforming agriculture production in India through its products.

India Postal Department has issued 20 Paisa commemorative postal stamps in the honor of Laxmanrao Kirloskar in 1969. The design of the stamp depicts his portrait and mechanized plough with the depiction of a hut and an ear of corn is shown at the right side.

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