Oldest National Flag of the World

15 Jun 2019  Sat

Dannebrog, the red flag with a white cross, is considered to be the oldest national flag of the Danes i.e. the people of Denmark or the state of Denmark itself.
An origin legend with considerable impact on Danish national historiography connects the introduction of the flag to the Battle of Lindanise of 1219. Today in the year 1219, the Danes adopted their National Flag which is considered to be the Oldest National Flag of the World.
A tradition recorded in the 16th century traces the origin of the flag to the campaigns of Valdemar II of Denmark. This record describes a battle in 1208 near Fellin during the Estonia campaign of King Valdemar II. The Danes were all but defeated when a lamb-skin banner depicting a white cross fell from the sky and miraculously led to a Danish victory.
The National Flag of Denmark has not changed since. It not only appears on the Government buildings on the country but also the legal tenders including Stamps. The above-shown stamp was issued in the year 1969 honoring the 750th anniversary of the flag.
The stamp comes with the denomination 60 ores and depicts the Dannebrog falling from the sky. The stamp is inscribed with the name of the country at the top and the years 1219 – 1969 at the bottom along with the denomination value at the left pane.
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