The World's First Blockchain Stamp

2019-06-13 Thu

Austrian Post is known for issuing innovative stamps like the ones featuring dirndl embroidery and lederhosen, or the ones made of porcelain, glass, meteorite dust, Swarovski crystals etc. Keeping up with this ongoing trend, it recently released the Crypto stamp at Herrengasse, Vienna. The Head of Product Management at Austrian Post AG branches, Stefan Nemeth was present during the launch ceremony of this unique stamp.

The Crypto stamp, which unites the analogue and digital worlds, can be used to deliver postal items and also can be treasured as a collector’s item. The digital version of the stamp is stored in an exclusive e-wallet inside a decentralised data storage called blockchain.

The brand block on the right side of the stamp is like a bank card and contains credentials hidden under scratch layers. The one who has the Wallet-related access code and the "Secret Word List" actually owns the digital Crypto stamp. The digital version of the stamp can be sold or transferred to other wallets and the transaction will be logged in the blockchain.

The actual postage stamp is positioned on the left-hand side. It can be easily separated from the block part and used. The heraldic animal of the Ethereum community, Unicorn is featured on the crypto stamp. Julia Obermuller worked on the graphic design. The € 6.90 brand was launched 150,000 times and can be bought from various official sources.

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Image Courtesy: Austrian Post