Jaintiapur (Independent Kingdom)

2019-06-13 Thu

The word Jaintia is derived from the shrine of Jayanti Devi or Jainteswari, this word is also derived from the name of former kingdom Jaintia kingdom, the rulers of these kingdoms were Bangladeshi non-tribal. The Jaintia are the groups of Brahmin Hindus living in Nartiang and Jowai.

Today, this kingdom is situated in Bangladesh and North-East India. The origin of this kingdom is still unknown the people of Jaintia shares their megalithic culture with the people related to Kashi on the Shillong Plateau. The people living in this region speak Pnar language which belongs to the Austro-Asiatic language family. The word ‘Pnar’ belongs to the group tribe living in Jaintia hills. This kingdom was annexed by British East India Company in the year 1835 CE.

This silver rupee was issued by Bar Gossain II from State Jaintiapur in the Saka Era 1653. The weight of this coin is around 9.73g. The obverse of this coin is inscribed as ‘Sri Sri Si/Cha Ra Na Ka/Mala Ma Dhu Ka/ Ra Sya with six-pointed Star. The reverse of this coin is inscribed as ‘Sri Sri Ja/ yantipura Pu/ randarasya SE1653.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction