National Birds Featured by India and French Post

13 Jun 2019  Thu

India Post and La Post (France) released a joint philatelic issue in the year 2003 featuring the National birds of the two countries to commemorate the friendship ties.

India and France are two civilizations known for melting pots of different cultures and traditions. In order to commemorate the visit of the French Prime Minister to India, a joint issue was released. The stamps issued together by the countries feature National Bird of India and France i.e. Peacock and a Rooster respectively.

One of the stamps represents a rooster from the 15th Century work "Heures a l'usage de Rome''. The rooster had been a symbol of vigilance, a sign of hope and faith in religion. The other stamp depicts a peacock from the 19th Century piece of jewelry crafted in the Minakari tradition. In India, a Peacock symbolizes grace.

Stamps issued by France comes in the denomination of 0.50 euros for the stamp bearing rooster and 90 euros for the peacock Stamp, whereas Indian issue has a similar value of Rs.22 for both the stamps.

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