Philatelic delights to be offered at the Gaertner Auction

2019-06-11 Tue

From 24th to 28th June, a German company named Christoph Gaertner would be publically auctioning several interesting world stamps. Highlights include one unused and a unique full pane of 80 8-fen Year of the Monkey stamps issued in the year 1980. The second pane is cancelled-to-order with a first-day postmark and both panes have been folded once horizontally. The unused never-hinged stamp of this variety has a listed market value of $2,150 while a used stamp has a market value of $750. However, it is difficult to evaluate the stamps accurately. The used pane will be offered at a starting bid of €50,000 while the pane which is cancelled-to-order, will be offered at a starting bid of €25,000.

An unused example of the East Africa and Uganda Protectorates perf 14 500-rupee red and green King George V stamp on green paper issued in 1912 will be offered along with a 1999 BPA certificate. Out of all the King George V stamps issued between 1912 and 1918 with the multiple crown and CA watermark, the 500 Rs stamp has the highest market value. The unused stamp has a listed market value of $40,000 but it’s difficult to evaluate the stamp accurately. The stamp will be offered at a starting bid of €20,000. The offered stamp is lightly hinged with original gum on a large area. Even though the 100r and 500r stamps were available for postage, they were mostly used fiscally. Several other stamps from Germany, Europe and other countries around the world would be offered during the auction.

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Image Courtesy: Gaertner Auction