Interesting Japanese and Chinese Foreign Banknotes from Solovey Collection

2019-06-11 Tue

From June 26 to 28th June, Heritage Auctions would be offering some amazing Japanese and Chinese banknotes from the Yuri Solovey Collection at the Hong Kong World Paper Money Signature Auction. Mr. Solovey is an investor and businessman who loves travelling to different countries and collecting banknotes. He has visited 132 countries and likes to explore unique cultures from different parts of the world.

His Japanese collection includes notes issued during the rule of Mutsuhito, after which there was a long period of extreme isolationism. He also has several interesting notes from Japan’s National Banking system. Another highlight at the auction would be the government and territorial notes that were issued towards the end of World War II. Chinese banknotes mainly issued by Foreign Banks are also a part of this auction. These notes improved liquidity to support a rapidly growing economy.

More than 12 notes issued by the Japan National Bank are being offered, one of which is a very scarce 10 Yen note. Other highlights include a near-Gem 200 Yen Specimen Note and the finest graded 5 Yen note issued in 1880. More than 24 notes issued by Chinese Foreign Banks are also up for sale. Several ones have not been offered in so many varieties. A Mexican Peso note from the Russo-Chinese Bank, a Colour Trial Specimen of a Hankow $50 from the Chartered Bank of India, Australia & China are other exciting examples to watch out for.

Image Courtesy: Heritage Auctions