Bengal Sultan Ghiyas Al-Din Iwaz

2019-06-06 Thu

Ghiyas Al-Din Iwaz was a ruler of Bengal Sultanate who ruled Bengal Sultanate for 2 times in Indian history.

During the year 1208 CE, when Ghiyas Al-Din Iwaz was having a conflict with Khalji Maliks he assumed the throne of Bengal Sultanate. This was the first time Ghiyas Al-Din Iwaz assumed the throne of Bengal Sultanate. He ruled this sultanate for 2 years till 1210 CE until he was dethroned by Ali Mardan Khalji.

In the year 1212 CE, after the death of Ali Mardan Khalji once gain Ghiyas Al-Din Iwaz got a hold on Bengal Sultanate and at this time he ruled this sultanate for 15 years form 1212 CE till 1227 CE.

In these 15 years of his reign, Ghiyas Al-Din Iwaz tried to maintain peace in Bengal. He also transferred his capital from Devkot to Gaur and had tried to prepare a powerful navy. He carried out invasions into neighboring regions and made Vanga (Easter Bengal), Kamarupa (Assam), Tirhut (Northern Bihar) and Utkala (Northern Orissa) his tributary states.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction