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Kerguelen 100 Francs banknote of 2010

04 Jun 2019  Tue

The Kerguelen Islands, also known as the Desolation Islands, are a group of islands in the Antarctic constituting one of the two exposed parts of the Kerguelen Plateau, a large igneous province mostly submerged by the southern Indian Ocean. These islands along with some other surrounding islands are a part of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands and are administered as a separate district. There are no indigenous inhabitants, but France maintains a permanent presence of 45 to 100 soldiers, scientists, engineers and researchers.

Being a French territory, Kerguelen Islands had Francs as its currency. But now Euro is its official currency. Banknotes issued here are private release with time-limited reimbursements. Today we are looking at a 100 Francs banknote issued in 2010.

The obverse depicts a portrait of Admiral Yves-Joseph de Kerguelen-Tremarec to left; Aerial view of Port-aux-Français and Morbihan Bay to centre and right. The reverse features a cat's head to left along with the Arch of Kerguelen - L'Arche des Kerguelen.

Image Courtesy: Just World Banknotes

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