Mahatma Gandhi Featured on New Czech Stamp

2019-06-03 Mon

New from the Ceska Posta or Czech Post issued a new stamp featuring one of the most Iconic Personalities of India as well as the world i.e. Mahatma Gandhi.

The stamp was issued by the Czech post to celebrate not only the 150th Birth Anniversary of this great soul but also the legacy of his teachings. Variously hailed as Bapu, Gandhiji, Mahatma or just Gandhi, his life itself is an inspiration. His example of non-violence is still revered in the world.

150th Birth Anniversary of such a leader is a cause of a great celebration all over the world. As a part of the celebration, the Czech Republic has issued a special stamp. Designed by Jan Kava, this stamp features one of the most famous portraits of Mahatma Gandhi.

The stamp is beautifully designed on the ochre yellow background where Gandhiji is depicted greeting the world with humility. The name of Mahatma Gandhi appears below the portrait along with the years 1869 – 2019. The name of the country is shown at the bottom of the stamp.

Image Courtesy: https://findyourstampsvalue.com

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