Sur Dynasty ruler Sikandar Shah Suri

01 Jun 2019  Sat

Sikandar Shah Suri was the sixth ruler of Sur dynasty, the real name of Sikandar Shah Suri was Ahmad Khan Suri. Before sitting on the throne of Delhi and declaring independence from Delhi in the year 1555 CE, he has served as governor of Lahore.

After sitting on the throne of Delhi and bringing Punjab under his control, he defeated Ibrahim Shah Suri in the battle of Farah, a place near Agra and also took possession Agra. When Sikandar Shah Suri was busy with his battle against Ibrahim Shah Suri Mughal Emperor Humayun captured Delhi on February 1555. Later; on 22 June 1555 Sikandar Shah Suri was defeated by Mughal Emperor Humayun and Delhi was captured by Mughal Emperor.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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