Coin of Byzantine Emperor Mizizios

01 Jun 2019  Sat

Mizizios was an Armenian noble who served as a general of Byzantium later usurping the Byzantine throne in Sicily. According to some historian, he descended from the Princely Guni family (noble family of Armenia).

Mizizios accompanied Emperor Constans II in his Italian and Sicilian expedition. When Constans was murdered in Syracuse, Sicily, in 668 AD, Mizizios proclaimed emperor against his will. His usurpation was soon suppressed by the exarch of Ravenna.

The only coin ever minted in his reign was gold Solidus from Syracuse mint. The obverse of this coin portrays bust of king with a beard and long mustache, wearing plumed helmet and cuirass, and holding cross on globe and shield. Legend D N MEZEZI P P [AVU] depicted around. The reverse of a coin represents the cross potent on three steps VICTORIA AVGU E, and mintmark CONOB.

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