Silver Hexagram of Constans II

01 Jun 2019  Sat

Constans II also known as Constans Pogonatus (the Bearded) was a Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Emperor from 641 to 668 AD. The son of Emperor Constantine III, Constans came to the throne at the age of 11, after his father’s death.

His reign saw the loss of Byzantium’s southern and eastern provinces to the Arabs. The Muslim Arabs seized Egypt from Byzantium in the second year of his reign and invaded Armenia in 647.

During his reign number of gold, silver, and copper coins were issued in the denomination of Miliaresion, Solidus, Hexagram, Follis, Nummi, and siliqua.

Depicted above is a silver Hexagram issued under his reign from Constantinople mint. This coin portrays the draped facing bust of Constans II wearing a plumed helmet and Constantine IV wearing the crown on its obverse face. On the other hand, the reverse of a coin shows the cross potent set on three steps; crowned and draped figures of Heraclius and Tiberius standing facing to either side, each holding globus cruciger.

Image Source: Heritage Auctions

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