Stamps Honour Contributions of Chinese Workers in the Historic Transcontinental Railroad Protect

28 May 2019  Tue

The USPS and the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) will be organising a ceremony on 29th to unveil three beautiful postage stamps commemorating the 150th anniversary of Transcontinental Railroad protect. The remarkable engineering feat was achievable only because of the valuable efforts that were put in by Chinese immigrant labourers. Several important dignitaries from the US government, USPS and MOCA would be addressing the event.

Almost 12,000 Chinese labourers risked their lives while working in dangerous conditions from 1865 to 1869 for constructing this marvellous route that connected the US from coast-to-coast. These workers were also tortured emotionally through racial discrimination and by offering lower salaries than the other workers. However, their contribution and dedication fostered the growth of America and helped in the completion of the most impeccable transport infrastructure of the 19th century. The Transcontinental Railroad reduced travel times from six months to just a week, opening new doors for trade and economic impetus. Click here to read more about the stamps in detail.

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Image Courtesy: The USPS

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