Smithsonian 150th Anniversary Dollar

2019-05-28 Tue

Smithsonian also known as Smithsonian Institution, it is a group of museum and research administrated by the government of the United States. This institution was founded on 10th August 1846. This institution is named after its founding donor, British scientist James Smithson. This institution was formed with the aim to increase and diffusion of knowledge.

The United States of America had issued commemorative one dollar with the theme of Smithsonian institution in the year 1996. This one dollar was issued to honour the 150th anniversary of Smithsonian. The obverse of this depicts the image of the first Smithsonian Institution building, known as the "Castle"; laurel leaves, and a dual date. The reverse of this coin depicts ‘women sitting on the top of world holding the torch on her left hand and to scroll on her right hands which reads as "art, history and science”, an inscription ‘FOR THE INCREASE AND DIFFUSION OF KNOWLEDGE’ is written on the right side of the coin.

Image Courtesy: usmint.gov