Khalji Dynasty Ruler Jalal Al-Din Firuz Shah

2019-05-28 Tue

The Khalji or Khilji was Muslim dynasty who ruled Indian subcontinent between 1290 CE and 1320 CE. They were the Turkish people who used to live in an area of Afghanistan known as Khalj. They adopted Afghan manners and custom and migrated to India. The Khaljis were a vessel of Mamluk Dynasty of Delhi Sultanate. Khalji Dynasty got the hold of Delhi Sultanate when Jalal-Al-Din Firuz Shah murdered Muiz ud Dib Qaiqabad the last ruler of Mamluk Dynasty and sat of the Delhi throne. With this Jalal Al-Din Firuz Shah became first ruler and founder of Khalji dynasty.

When Jalal Al-Din Firuz Shah sat on the Delhi he was 70 years old man. As a person, he was mild-mannered, humble and kind monarch to the general public. Jalal Al-Din Firuz Shah ruled Delhi for about 6 years from 1290 CE till 1296 CE. But, his reign was not universally accepted by the population of Delhi.

This gold dinar was issued by from the mint Hadrat Delhi during Hijri year 694. The obverse of this coin is inscribed as ‘Al Sultan Al-Azam Al-Dunya Wa’l Din Abul Muzaffar Firuz Shah Al-Sultan’. The reverse of this is inscribed as ‘Al-Imam Al-Musta'sim Amir al moment, Mint, and Date on Margin’.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction